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The NRA is you -- its members ... millions of Americans representing a diverse contrast of age, sex, race and religion. You're patriots one and all. You believe in the Constitution, staunch in the defense of your rights, and you actively pursue some of this country's finest traditions - Hunting and Sports Shooting. Since its incorporation in 1871, the NRA has grown as a service organization involved in all aspects of the shooting sports and a proud defender of the Bill of Rights.

Your NRA membership entitles you to a wide variety of discounts and special offers from many national companies. If you have questions about specific membership benefits, click here to contact NRA HEADQUARTERS. By Joining the NRA, you are supporting the mission of the Londonderry Fish & Game Club. Your NRA membership confers significant benefits on you, and it's probably the single best investment in your Second Amendment rights available Membership in the NRA also makes possible a vast array of educational, recreational, and public-service projects that benefit all Americans, whether or not they choose to own firearms!

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