833px PDF file iconThese rules are SPECIFIC TO THE MULTIPLE PURPOSE THROWING RANGE. Please refer to the Londonderry Fish & Game Club General Range Use Rules for expanded guidance and safety.

  1. GUEST: Up to four (4) guest on this range.

  2. THROWING HOURS: Throwing hours for this range are 08:00 AM until one half hour after sunset.

  3. SEASONAL: Due to temperatures and durability of the wooden target this range will be operated only when the temperature is above 50 degrees Fahrenheit.

  4. EQUIPMENT: All equipment brought to the Multi-purpose Throwing Range shall be in good repair and serviceable. Range shall be inspected prior to use.

  5. PREPARATION: The target blocks on the stand shall be sprayed down with water before use and as needed during use. This will increase your chances of a better stick and a longer life of the target.

  6. COLD AND HOT RANGES: No projectiles shall be thrown while people are down range. Throw together and retrieve together.

  7. ALLOWED PROJECTILES: Only hand propelled items allowed, such as throwing axes, throwing knives, throwing cleavers, ninja stars, and spears are allowed. No firearms or archery equipment.

  8. SAFETY: Closed toes shoes required for all on this range.

  9. THROWING: All throwing shall take place behind the throwing line and inside the designated throwing area.

  10. TARGETS: Shall be restricted to wooden target on the range. Playing cards or other paper targets are ok as long as they are adhered to the wood with tapes and removed at the end of use.