833px PDF file iconThese rules are SPECIFIC TO THE ARCHERY RANGE. Please refer to the Londonderry Fish & Game Club General Range Use Rules for expanded guidance and safety.

  1. GUESTS: Up to four (4) guests on this range.

  2. SHOOTING HOURS: Shooting hours for this range are 8:00 AM until one-half hour after Sunset.

  3. EQUIPMENT USE: All equipment brought to the Archery range shall be in good repair and serviceable. Range shall be inspected prior to use. Recurve, Long bows, compound bows and cross bows are permitted.

  4. SHOOTING: No shooting shall take place until all shooters are behind the shooting line.

  5. RANGE SAFETY: Arrows shall not be nocked to a bow until the line is hot and shooters are ready to shoot. Arrows shall remained quivered when not nocked.

  6. ARROW TYPES: Only target arrows shall be used on the Archery range on targets provided by LFGC. Broadheads shall NOT be used, unless a Broadhead target is brought or otherwise provided.

  7. EQUIPMENT SAFETY: At no time will any Bow or crossbow be dry-fired on the Archery Range. Arrows shall be properly matched for the particular bow being used.

  8. SAFETY EQUIPMENT: Archery Shooters shall use all appropriate safety equipment specific to Archery shooting.