833px PDF file iconThese rules are SPECIFIC TO THE 50-YARD AND 100-YARD RANGE. Please refer to the Londonderry Fish & Game Club General Range Use Rules for expanded guidance and safety.

  1. GUESTS: up to four (4) guests allowed on this range.

  2. TARGET PLACEMENT: Targets shall be placed as close as practical to the backstop berms and centered up and down when billboards are not being utilized.

  3. BIRDSHOT USE PROHIBITED: No birdshot shall be used on the 50 and 100 yard range at any time. Buckshot and Slugs ONLY.

  4. RANGE OPERATION: No shooters shall move forward of the firing line to shoot from any point or position in the area commonly known as, "No Mans Land." All firearms use shall be from the shooting sheds ONLY. It shall be the sole responsibility of the member to ensure all projectiles impact the berm.

  5. NOVELTY TARGET USE: Novelty targets shall not be placed on the ground. No targets shall be placed in “No-Mans Land.” Used targets shall be taken down when shooting is concluded. Please refer to the list of prohibited target use items.

  6. TANNERITE USE: Tannerite use shall NOT exceed one-half (8 ounces) pound.

  7. CLASS III/NFA FIREARMS: No fully automatic firearms shall be used on these ranges. Firearms equipped with binary triggers shall not be used on these ranges. Suppressors are acceptable for use on these ranges.

  8. SHOOTING HOURS: Shooting hours for this range are 8:00 AM until one-half hour after Sunset.