833px PDF file iconThese rules are SPECIFIC TO THE 200 AND 400 YARD RANGES. Please refer to the Londonderry Fish & Game Club General Range Use Rules for expanded guidance and safety requirements.

  1. GUESTS: Only two (2) Guests shall be allowed to accompany a member.

  2. RANGE SPECIFIC SHOOTING HOURS: Shooting Hours on the 200 and 400 Yard Ranges are from 8:00 AM to SUNSET.

  3. FIREARM CRITERIA: No firearm shall be used on the 200/400 Yard range that lacks the capability to effectively reach the backstop berm. Every member using the 400 Yard range shall ensure the firearm used is first effectively sighted for 100 yards.

  4. STATIC FIRING LINE: No shooters shall move forward of the established firing line for any shooting purposes. All shooting shall be conducted at the established firing line. No target media shall be placed in no-mans land.

  5. IMPROPERLY SIGHTED FIREARMS: Properly sighted in and zeroed firearms shall be used on the 200/400 Yard Ranges. Club leadership reserves the right to dismiss shooters from the range causing repeated ground strikes.

  6. NO SHOTGUN USE: No shotguns shall be used on the 200/400 Yard Range at any time. No pistols, handguns and or rifles with a barrel less than fourteen inches shall be used on the 200/400-Yard Range at any time.

  7. RIMFIRE RESTRICTIONS: No rim fire ammunition shall be used on the 200 Yard Range, except for 17 HMR, 17 Mach 2, 22 WMR fired from a rifle with a barrel length fourteen inches or greater. No rimfire firearms or ammunition shall be used on the 400 Yard Range.

  8. FIREARM OPERATION: Firearms shall not be rapid-fired at any time on the 200/400 Yard Range. “Rapid fire” is defined as firing in a fast and continuous manner without obtaining proper sight alignment and sight picture for each shot.

  9. TARGETS: Targets used on the 200/400 Yard range shall only be appropriate steel targets designed for the express purpose and paper targets affixed to the Billboards. No other targets shall be used without prior consent of the Club Leadership.

  10. RANGE OPERATIONS/CONDUCT: Shooters driving vehicles down to the target area to set targets shall remain on the established gravel road. Any member whose vehicle leaves the gravel road shall be suspended. Vehicles returning from the berm have the right-of-way.