833px PDF file iconThese rules are SPECIFIC TO THE 25 UTILITY AND 50 UTILITY RANGES. Please refer to the Londonderry Fish & Game Club General Range Use Rules for expanded guidance and safety Requirements.

  1. GUESTS: A Member may have up to four (4) guests on this range.

  2. USE OF NOVELTY TARGETS: Novelty targets (plastic bottles, soda cans, clay pigeons, etc.) shall not be placed on the ground or on the target stand bases. It shall be the sole responsibility of the member to ensure bullets impact the berm. (Refer to list of items prohibited from use on LFGC Ranges)

  3. TARGET FRAMES AND TARGETS: Used targets shall be taken down and carried out when shooting is concluded. Target frames and stands shall be returned to the hanging racks when shooting is concluded. Shooters will clean up and remove all targets, shells and brass when range use is concluded.

  4. DYNAMIC FIRING LINE USE: Shooter(s) may stand closer to targets when alone and/or when all shooters agree to move forward of the firing line. Shooters who move forward but then fail to yield the range when asked, will face disciplinary action.

  5. CLASS III/NFA FIREARMS: Fully automatic firearms using common handgun cartridges are permitted on the 25-yard utility range. Other types of fully automatic firearms (Class III) are permitted only on the 50-Yard Utility Range.

  6. DEVICES OTHER: Semi-automatic firearms using a mechanical device that simulates full automatic fire, or a binary trigger shall be effectively controlled at all times.

  7. SHOOTING HOURS: Shooting hours for this range are 8:00 AM until one-half hour after Sunset.

  8. TANNERITE USE: All Tannerite use is prohibited on the 25-Yard Utility Range. Tannerite use is permitted on the 50-Yard Utility Range, NO MORE THAN 8 ounces. (1 cup).