833px PDF file iconThese rules are SPECIFIC TO STATE REGULATED ACTIVITIES ON LFGC LAND rules. Please refer to the Londonderry Fish & Game Club General Range Use Rules for expanded guidance and safety.

  1. APPLICABLE HUNTING LAWS: Londonderry Fish & Game Club is situated in Wildlife Management Unit M. All Fish & Game laws pertaining to hunting, baiting fishing and firearm use shall apply.

  2. LICENSES REQUIRED: All Hunters, Trappers or Fishermen shall possess the appropriate and specific Hunting, Trapping and/or Fishing Licenses for any and all game being hunted, trapped or fished on club property.

  3. BAITING RULES: Baiting requires written permission from LFGC leadership and all State baiting rules apply.

  4. GUESTS HUNTING: Members bringing guests for hunting activities shall be responsible for their guests.

  5. TREE STANDS: Tree stands may not be placed on Club property prior to August 20. Tree stands placed on Club property shall be removed no later than April 15 of each year. Any Tree stand found on club property after April 15 may be treated as abandoned and removed by club leadership as such.

  6. MEMBERSHIP BADGE: Members hunting on Club property shall have their membership badge in their possession at all times.

  7. HUNTER HARASSMENT: Any member hunting on club property and encounters any instances of Hunter harassment are advised to call the Conservation Officer to make a report. Please report such incidents to club leadership. No persons shall interfere with any hunting, trapping, or fishing activities on club property.

  8. TRAPPING: Permission to Trap required. Trapping license required. No persons shall interfere with, disturb or otherwise damage traps, trap lines, or bait sites.

  9. FISH & GAME LAWS: Adjudicated law violations shall be sufficient to terminate club membership. All members shall be obey Fish and Game laws, rules and regulations.