Thank you for visiting Londonderry Fish & Game Club Website today. This information is provided as an effort to assist non-members with the most asked questions to alleviate excess telephone traffic, emails, and other communications.

I am looking for a place to sight in my hunting rifle. What are your fees for me to do that?

LFGC does not offer public use. Londonderry Fish and Game Club is a private (member-only) 501 C (7) organization. As such, to charge a for fee use of our ranges would create an ancillary commerce structure and liability for taxation. Moreover, due to insurance structuring and risk management, we do not engage in commercial efforts. One alternative is for that person to find a member who would be willing to bring that person as a guest.

Where am I on the waiting list?

LFGC does not give out that information. The simple reason is we would be getting a dozen calls per day asking the same question. Club Officers and directors are not full time. They are not paid salaries and are splitting their time between duties of the club and their personal lives.

How do I get on the waiting list?

Membership Term begins January 1 of each year and ends December 31 of that same year. Every year we will fill open membership spots of members who do not renew, so we never know how many open spots we will have each year. Open membership spots are filled from the wait list which usually opens March 1st and is open until we reach 200 people. This usually happens in less than 24 hours. FYI: The wait list is purged every year and does not carry over to the next year.

I'm not receiving email or notices from LFGC?

If you are using a FREE email address such as Yahoo, hotmail, gmail, AOL etc, remember to always check your spam folder. Most of these mail services are anti-gun folks and most of a our emails go to spam in many cases and sometimes they simply don't deliver it to you at all. It is your responsibilty to check your spam as LFGC cannot be responisible for what your email provider does with the email once we send it. This includes the waitlist notifications, if you use a free email service and our notifications for the waitlist goes to spam, this is not our problem.

Why do you only open your waiting list for a short period of time?

In past years, LFGC has had more than 600 people on the list. During the COVID 19 period, we had only 44 memberships to offer. Still, we have an average of 60 to 110 memberships to offer annually. Membership is based on how many members we can accept within our membership cap. It doesn’t seem fair to give false hope to people and have them languish for years on the list. And of course, the list will grow with each year.

Do you have an indoor range?

No. LFGC does not have any indoor facilities.