833px PDF file iconThese rules are the GENERAL RANGE RULES consisting of Administrative and specific rules for all ranges at LFGC. PLEASE REFER TO THE SPECIFIC RANGE RULES of each range at each range location.

  1. RANGE USE AND GUESTS: Ranges are for club member use only and up to four accompanied guests, UNLESS otherwise specified on a particular range.

  2. CONTROL OF GUESTS AND JUNIOR MEMBERS: Members shall be in full control of their guests at all times. Junior members shall be supervised by an adult aged 18 or older.

  3. TRAINING RANGES: Training ranges are off limits for general member use and are reserved for courses, classes and clinics. Use of these ranges shall be only by permission of Board and Officers.

  4. GENERAL AND SPECIFIC RANGE RULES: All range rules shall be followed. All members shall observe Rules specific to the particular range being used by them.

  5. HEARING PROTECTION AND EYE PROTECTION: All members, guests and observers within the immediate vicinity of the ranges shall possess and wear appropriate hearing and eye protection.

  6. NOVELTY TARGET USE: Novelty Targets shall be removed by the shooter immediately when shooting is concluded. (Refer to the list of items prohibited for use on LFGC Ranges). Empty Alcohol containers are prohibited from being used as targets on all LFGC ranges. Novelty Targets shall only be used on those ranged where allowed.

  7. SHOOTING HOURS: Shooting hours are posted at each range.

  8. FACILITIES USE: At no time will any persons climb any of the berms without prior permission of the Club leadership. At no time will any persons tamper with, or alter the drainage systems for the any range. Firing at any drainage system will be considered a rule infraction and will cause the range to be closed. Members shall remove all targets, spent brass and shells, and target media upon conclusion of their range use.

  9. RULES ENFORCEMENT: The range officer, when designated, any elected club officer, or any member of the board of directors may, at any time, ask any person to leave the range, or close the range. Any member may call an officer or director to report a safety violation.

  10. MUZZLE CONTROL: Firearms muzzles shall be maintained in a safe direction at all times.

  11. FIREARMS HANDLING: All uncased and un-holstered firearms shall remain unloaded with actions open when people are forward of the firing line. No firearms shall be handled when people are forward of the firing line, to include the packing and unpacking of firearms.

  12. MAGAZINE LOADING: When any range is in a cold condition, The loading of detachable Magazines may only be done OFF of the firing line.

  13. COLD AND HOT RANGES: The handling of firearms shall only take place during a hot range condition. No firearms shall be handled during a cold range condition. No firearm may be packed or stored away during a cold range condition.

  14. AMMUNITION HAZARD: Tracer ammunition shall not be used on the any ranges when conditions are excessively dry or potential fire hazard conditions exist.

  15. ALCOHOLIC BEVERAGES/CONTAINERS PROHIBITED No alcoholic beverages or empty alcohol containers are permitted on any LFGC ranges. No impaired persons shall be permitted on any range.

  16. TANNERITE USE ON RANGES: Each Member shall check the range specific rules for use of Tannerite Binary Exploding Targets.

  17. MEMBERSHIP BADGES: Members shall possess display their club membership badge while on club premises. Any Officer or any Club member may request to see the badge at any time and the membership card shall be produced for inspection.

  18. EMERGENCIES. All serious injuries and accidents shall be reported promptly to a club officer or board member.